The government bond market occupies a unique position as the risk-free benchmark

When higher for longer’ interest rates start disrupting life for the masses! Markets finally get the message…Cynics argue that marking the end of the hiking cycle is easy: Central bankers just raise rates until something in the financial system breaks. Earlier this month, things certainly looked precarious – as the chart shows, government bonds sold off […]

The UK economy is no longer the ‘sick man’ of the G7

Finally, some good economic news. Earlier this month, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published an obscure release called the “Impact of Blue Book 2023 changes on gross domestic product”. The title might be uninspiring, but it contained some deceptively interesting information. Previously, in August, the ONS had released second-quarter figures suggesting that GDP was […]

Weight Loss Drugs shake up investor and consumer preferences

Worries that weight loss drugs could slim down consumer staple sales have sent shares down in recent weeks. Some company bosses are even backing this idea: Walmart (US: WMT) chief executive John Furner didn’t help matters when he told Bloomberg that customers taking appetite-suppressing medications such as Wegovy and Mounjaro were buying fewer food items in stores. Shares in Coca-Cola (US:KO) and PepsiCo (US:PEP) have […]

Chess in Schools

There is an excellent movement which deserves help, this where prominent chess players that wish to help and assist Children who attend schools in deprived areas often where local influences are not helpful, either teach in the schools themselves or run tournaments where funds are raised for these children to have Chess lessons. Teaching young […]