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Over 31 years of uninterrupted financial advice for the Expatriate Market.

Why Choose KMI Consultants

Tailored Investment Solutions for Diverse Financial Goals

Investors today face an influx of data that affects their finances. Each investor has distinct goals, requiring tailored strategies. Our experts create and apply diverse solutions while considering the economic context.

We aim to optimise tax-free investments and offer top choices based on financial priorities like retirement, portfolios, lump sums, or savings for growth.

Here are just some of the services our expert financial planning consultants offer:

Tailored Model Portfolios

Your Path To Personalised Investment Success

Our Absolute Return Portfolios cater to individual client needs, considering risk tolerance and objectives. We offer three portfolios with diverse goals and risk levels, each tailored for specific objectives. These portfolios include strategically managed investments to seize market opportunities, guided by your dedicated advisor. Choose the portfolio aligning with your aspirations, goals, and risk outlook, assessed by your advisor.

KMI Cautious

The portfolio aims to provide a balance between capital preservation and consistent real returns in excess of normal cash deposit rates.

KMI Growth

The objective of this portfolio is to provide a combination of income and capital growth, ideal for the medium growth investor.

KMI Adventurous

This portfolio aims to achieve both income and capital growth through a "core and satellite" allocation model, tailored for adventurous investors.

Some of our clients

Clients of our organization are typically senior executives or partners of prominent international companies. In addition, we also assist successful entrepreneurs and athletes who seek personalized financial guidance, security, confidentiality, and expertise in their financial affairs.