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About KMI

About KMI

Here are just some of the services our expert financial planning consultants offer:

Our consultants understand the need for unique solutions for independent individuals and are trained to design and implement strategies to accommodate your often diverse needs and expectations, whilst of course, taking account of the prevailing economic situation.

Why trust us

Since 1992 no client has ever lost their hard-earned money when invested through KMI due to fraud.

Outsourcing our funds, we use our Model portfolio’s through AQA where all clients funds are ringfenced.

Through our wrappers and platforms all client’s moneys are again ringfenced for security and safety, whilst funds that are used on these vehicles can go up and down in value with stock and money markets, the security of client’s money is always maintained.

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter acts as helping to keep regular communication between KMI and our clients. This short, bi monthly, publication is much enjoyed by our clients.

Free Initial Consultation

In our initial, free consultation, we’ll cover the regulatory framework for KMI and discuss fee and commission-based services. Following that, we’ll conduct a comprehensive fact-finding session to understand your financial situation, goals, and concerns. We’ll then prioritize the areas most important to you.

Our Philosophy

Our aim, though our 31 years of trading, is to provide a level of quality of advice that exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients. When you take advice from KMI, you will be secure in the knowledge that your hard-earned investment capital or regular savings premiums are going to grow, in line with markets, and will be held securely and confidentially, optimising your return and minimising your tax liabilities.

KMI is an independent provider of impartial investment advice to business people, entrepreneurs and professionals. We offer advice in order to help our clients optimise the return on their investments and minimise their exposure to taxation.

Who we look after

Clients of our organization are typically senior executives or partners of prominent international companies. In addition, we also assist successful entrepreneurs and athletes who seek personalized financial guidance, security, confidentiality, and expertise in their financial affairs.

As Managing Director and one of our personal advisors Lee Green has been advising clients on financial matters for nearly 40 years. The founding partner of KMI in the early nineties, Lee also still heads up KMI’s offshore operation.