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Why trust KMI?

Succeed offshore

Outsourcing our funds

Many brokers will have their own funds and fund managers. Some may have broker funds, and others, links to investment groups. We do not believe we should have our own funds or a fund manager as this would cause an immediate conflict of interest. In acting solely in our clients best interest, we are able to source the best performing funds from the entire market, over 5000 at the last count.

Our FPC Consultants

Currently running at 90% of advisers; we believe our ratio of FPC qualified consultants is the best in the offshore industry.

5000 Offshore Funds Monitored

We hold performance figures of over 5000 offshore funds, enabling our clients to access any of these through personal portfolios with our major institutions. This business brings in the large single premiums sought after by so many advisors but achieved by so few.

Our Providers and our Financial Strength

This speaks for itself. We today trade with the same companies as we did in 1992 and of course many many more. We have never had an agency closed and our resources are considerable. We do not rely on any broker, or bank loans. We have agencies with all the top offshore companies ensuring complete choice for our clients. We have long standing relationships with many international banks ensuring our requests are handled speedily. Our international reputation is known throughout the industry.

KMI partnerships


Once new consultants have established themselves with us, both Partnerships and Franchises are available. More than this, we encourage it. KMI believes the only way to build a quality company is to have active ownership. We have worked towards partners in The Middle East, Jakarta, Warsaw and of course Prague. We rarely lose partners or consultants and this is the reason why.

Our Newsletter

We have been told endless times that company "x" sold a client a scheme and was never heard of again. Our newsletter acts as yet another aid for consultants, helping keep regular communication between KMI and our clients. This short, six weekly, publication is much enjoyed by our clients, many of whom have received it for over seven years and regard it as the essential link for them in their sometimes remote locations.