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Our Philosophy at KMI

The KMI Consultant Philosophy Statement from Founder and Managing Director

The ability to structure an investment portfolio to satisfy personal investment objectives requires careful planning, prudent stock selection and a knowledge of world investment markets.

Investment platform

For most individuals, this task is outside their own expertise and the appointment of a professional investment adviser becomes a virtual necessity. At KMI, we have well over 120 years of collective experience in financial planning. As your financial advisors, we are committed in helping you choose the assets that comprise your account, and ensuring their on-going maximum performance.

Choose KMI for the integrity of our Consultants who, like the Senior Partners, come from two distinct backgrounds; they are either seasoned financial industry professionals with a huge depth of knowledge of products and investment types, or they are experienced with an industry background, and an ability to identify with your particular needs. Inevitably, they acquire a combination of the aforementioned skills and qualities.

KMI philosophy


Our aim is to provide a level of quality service that exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients. When you take advice from KMI, you will be secure in the knowledge that your hard-earned investment capital or regular savings premiums are going to grow, to be held securely and confidentially, optimising your return and minimising your tax liabilities. It is our utmost wish that you contact us whenever you require investment or protection advice.


KMI is an independent provider of impartial investment advice to business people, entrepreneurs and professionals. We offer advice in order to help our clients optimise the return on their investments and minimise their exposure to taxation.

Lee R. J. Green CertPFS