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Employment with KMI Consultants


KMI are looking for experienced financial advisers for many locations in addition to our existing offices. We advise expats of all nationalities overseas and pay our consultants best industry rates.

A Promise from the Senior Partner of KMI

If you think you can match up to the standards set by our consultants and would like to join KMI, call Mike Towning at our Prague office and ask for an appointment. In return we will see you are not disappointed


Once new consultants have established themselves with us, both Partnerships and Franchises are available. More than this, we encourage it. KMI believes the only way to build a quality company is to have active ownership. We have worked towards partners in The Middle East, Jakarta, Warsaw and of course Prague. We rarely lose partners or consultants and this is the reason why.

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Ensuring we are Paid First

In the world of overseas financial advice there is a need to have a team constantly solving case problems and ensuring cases go live at the earliest possible time. This ensures commission is paid as soon as possible; this is the very lifeblood of the offshore advisor. Many companies claim to provide this most essential service. Our KMI team of commission chasers are well known to the life offices (Oh no, not her again!!). What others promise, we do.

Best Paid and Best Qualified

We believe our ratio of FPC qualified consultants are the best in the offshore industry. Currently running at 90% of advisers. Our commission scales are not set to confuse. Dependant on volume, we pay up to 100% of initial commission and we pay weekly.

Computers and Software

We recommend notebook computers to our consultants and supply the software. The desktops in our offices are for all to use. These are an essential part of overseas life.

Holidays and Incentives

We have various incentive holidays and offers for our consultants and clients. We expect many to qualify and enjoy the rewards of their work and investments.

If you are interested, please contact our recruitment and training consultants:

Mike Towning, Prague Office,
Vladislavova 46/3, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 224 942 421
Fax: 420 224 942 426